NEW REMIX: tUrN uP oN tHe wEeKeNd

August 19, 2017 1 Comment


First of all, it’s important to note that I absolutely cannot stand 99% of country music. I can enjoy a live concert, but I would never ever throw it on to listen to at home. That is, except for that one song that goes like... "BBQ stain on my white t-shirt, she was killing me in that mini skirt.” I. LOVE. THAT. SONG. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. I will cringe when anyone puts on country but when that song comes on you will find me singing at the top of my lungs like a true born and bred southerner. 

When I first heard the original of this track I was like, DA FUQ? A country song with a trap beat? What in the world? It was something I cannot stand fused with something I freakin’ love and somehow the result was absolutely glorious. The music video is also pretty rad. It’s a satire on country music (like the song itself) and plays into all the country stereotypes while still managing to be progressive as fuck. As one of my friends said, “This is the song America needs right now."

So I had to remix it, obvi. Or bootleg it technically since they weren’t down to give out the stems quite yet. Unfortunately, they weren’t super pleased when I posted it on soundcloud so it can’t live there :( HOWEVER, I’m honestly super proud of it and I think you guys are gonna love it so I couldn’t just let it sit in the depths of my rekordbox crates, only to be heard at my shows. 

I’m working on a streaming option but for now the only way you can hear it is by downloading it HERE. You can hear the original/see the music video by Branchez ft. Big Wet by clicking righttttt here

It’ll also be in my next CRUISE CONTROL mix which I should be dropping this upcoming week! I know you guys have been asking for one for a while (aka a year) so get ready because it will also include another unreleased remix of Ghastly’s We Won’t Fall. It’s tight. 

Have a good night and tUrN uP oN tHe wEeKeNd :) 


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September 03, 2017

Really nice mix! Would like to here more.

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