Ode to Avocados


As you probably know by now, I’m fucking obsessed with avocados - so much so that I wrote a love poem to them. If you missed the snapchat version, I’ve recorded it here so we can all bask in the warm green glow of avo luv for all eternity.

It really felt great getting that off my chest. I mean, this is v important stuff, people. But then I realized, I can’t stop at sharing my love to JUST the internet. I mean, we all know the internet is OG bae, but side chick IRL needs some avo luvin' too. Obviously, I needed an avocado dad hat, but not a basic one. Oh, no, no, no. I needed to capture the true sexual nature of avocados and share my passion with the masses. And then it hit me: we put avocado on toast, why not tits, amirite? 
So we created the Avo&Tits hat which showcases two of the best naturally occurring things on the planet. We only made a few because that's how we do it here at CruiseCult, so I suggest you get yours before my friends steal the rest of them from my house. 




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Iván Sandoval
Iván Sandoval

September 30, 2018

Carter is retired of porn? Carter is hannan Williams?


May 27, 2018

Very clever. Admire people who can write.

Sean Walker
Sean Walker

September 20, 2017

? your avocado toast

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