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We all know Valentine’s Day is a silly consumer holiday invented by corporate capitalist pigs who use our human need for love and affection to control our wallets and minds, BUT who tf turns down a convenient opportunity to eat massive amounts of chocolate, break out the BDSM toys, AND get drunk on a Tuesday? Not I.

I had this dope lingerie set and vday seemed like a good excuse to wear it. Somehow I managed to get into the whole thing by myself (impressive since I mostly live in a ratty, oversized Bob Marley tee). I wrapped myself up in this pretty sick custom leather jacket I had made for bae and surprised him when he got home from work. Because he’s a rad dude and thought I looked extra cute, he grabbed the polaroid camera and snapped some pics so I could share them with you guys (thank u). 

For your viewing pleasure:


  AND THEN WE MADE THIS (By “we” I mean Spencer made it while I “helped” by looking cute and drinking wine). It was very good. If you don’t know about the sous vide then you need to educate yourself. Google it. 

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Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly

August 03, 2017

Black is def your color. Wish you were still making vids. Glad your DJ work is going so well. BTW, local grocery (HEB) has a commercial with a girl dancer that looks just like you! Did a double take first time I saw it going WTF?


May 29, 2017



April 09, 2017

Vc é maravilhosa

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